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Six techniques for garden watering


rrigation is an essential part of garden maintenance, and commonly used irrigation techniques are as follows: sprinkler irrigation, flood irrigation, pipe irrigation, drip irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation. Some places also appear infiltration irrigation, fog irrigation and other methods. Today, we will introduce six techniques of garden watering.
A, sprinkler irrigation
Sprinkler irrigation is an irrigation method in which water with a certain pressure is sprayed to the top of the planting plot, forming tiny water droplets and scattering them onto the land.
Sprinkler irrigation is composed of pressure water source, water pipeline and sprinkler head. Sprinkler irrigation is an advanced method. At present, according to the sprinkler head structure, there are garden land buried telescopic sprinkler head and rocker type sprinkler head, plastic micro-sprinkler head.
Advantages: Sprinkler range is large, the coverage area is generally more than 7 meters, so this method is generally only used in large lawn.
Disadvantages: Installation and construction and maintenance are more complex.
Second, the flooding
Diffuse irrigation refers to a method in which irrigation water wets the soil with the help of gravity and capillary action of water, or establishes a certain depth of water layer on the plot and penetrates into the soil with the help of gravity during the flow of irrigation water on the planting plot.
Advantages: simple operation, low water utilization rate.
Disadvantages: waste water resources, soil structure damage serious.
Third, fed
Pipe irrigation is a method that directly directs irrigation water to the planting plots by manually dragging the soft hose.
Advantages: the method is simple to operate and the effect is better than that of flood irrigation.
1, the technical experience of workers is very high, while the workload of workers is also very large; The effect of irrigation depends entirely on the experience of the workers.
2. Uneven distribution of irrigation water and large waste of water are easy to occur. Generally, excessive irrigation water has an overstrong impact on soil and crops and serious damage to soil structure.
Because there has been no professional villa courtyard irrigation equipment in the past, traditional garden irrigation equipment is too simple and rough to meet the requirements of use, so this method is still widely used in villas and living communities.
Four, drip irrigation
Drip irrigation is an irrigation method in which irrigation water with a certain pressure drops into the soil near the root of plants through pipes and pipe droppers.
1, improve quality, increase production and efficiency.
2. Maintain soil structure.
3, control temperature and humidity.
4, save water, save labor, save fertilizer, uniform irrigation, is conducive to maintain the soil aggregate structure and plant absorption.
1. The installation is complicated, and the dropper is easy to block and not easy to maintain.
2, easy to cause congestion.
3, may cause salt accumulation.
4. May limit root development.

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